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Manufacturer of Equipment & Parts for the Thermal Spray Industry.

Backed by Reliable, Timely Service & Support.

We believe that trust is earned over time with hard work and strategic investments. The factors that set Thermach apart today have one thing in common: we’ve been honing them for decades.

Equipment that lasts.

Precision parts that work.

Made in the USA for

extreme conditions everywhere.

Solutions that allow your coatings to excel.

The Thermach Story

Early this century a group of talented thermal equipment manufacturing personnel saw an opportunity.


At the time, thermal spray equipment manufacturing was dominated by several large companies. These companies also owned and operated thermal spray coating service centers. Essentially, your independent coating shops had to purchase equipment, parts and consumables from a competitor. Why would you want to buy from a supplier that's going to be bidding against you on your next job? This made for conflict.

And opportunity.

A group of former Miller Thermal employees started Thermach in September of 2000. Many had 10 to 15 years of experience machining and building thermal spray equipment. The team wanted to create a niche as a manufacturer, not a competitor. Thermach was designed to be in the equipment and parts side of thermal spray coatings, and would never provide coating services so as not to be in conflict with Thermach customers.

The formula worked.

Thermach began in a 5000 square foot facility with offices, CNC machines, inspection, assembly and inventory areas. The founders onboarded key industry personnel, all were colleagues from Miller Thermal. Obtaining staff directly from the thermal spray industry with sales, design, machining, assembly and spray experience, Thermach hit the ground running and built a much needed business as an “alternative” supplier of thermal spray equipment and parts. 

The SG100 Plasma Gun, AT-1200 Powder Feeder and the AT-400 Arc Spray system were the first products the team produced and sold. Variations of these products from other companies had been manufactured by team members since 1985. Thermach had assembled a core group which had the most experience in the world making these products. The team knew each component in detail and what was mission-critical for each part.

Thermach's first five years were demanding and foundational.


Those early years set the stage for future growth and product development. Thermach's culture and systems were nimble, flexible and eager. Innovation was quick and driven by customer-demand. The phone was answered by a human within three rings. Quality in manufacturing radiated throughout the entire company.


Customer service and support is a keen differentiator.

These values hold true today. In 2020 Thermach recapitalized, adding partners and resources that allow for growth and continued innovation. Specific targets include a comprehensive product line upgrade, integrating new technologies, enhanced customer support systems and a continued focus on research and development to meet industry trends.


We look forward to working with you!

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