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Plasma Spray

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Conventional plasma spray, commonly referred to as atmospheric plasma spray (APS), is the most versatile method for applying thermal spray coatings. With the ability to control the many facets of the plasma spray process, you can not only spray a wide range of materials, from metallics to ceramics, but also onto virtually any material. With minimal coating distortion, the plasma torch can apply coatings to both small and large parts nearly continuously. The high degree of melting and particle velocity yields higher deposit densities and bond strengths than both flame and electric arc, making plasma coatings perfect for protection and refinishing applications.

Following you'll find Equipment, Parts & Information for the Thermach Plasma Spray Thermal Spray Coating System.

  • Why Thermach?
    Thermach is a specialist. We manufacture equipment and parts for the thermal spray industry. That means we are your coating partner, not your competitor.
  • Thermach delivers less maintenance costs...
    ...when compared to conventional pull or push-pull systems. You'll see the difference.
  • Our lightweight torch is only 2.3 lbs and has no moving parts...
    With the drive mechanism on the wire feeder, our torch stays light, and reduces operator fatigue.
  • Only Thermach gives you patented Quick Change Wire Guides!
    Compared to conventional wire guides that are threaded into the torch, our Quick Change wire guides allow you to change worn out guides in less than 30 seconds, with zero tools. For added life, simply rotate the guides 180° before typical replacement.
  • This is a modular system designed to fit any workspace...
    Stack the wire feeder on top of the power supply or separate them up to 50 feet at 100% duty cycle.
  • Our complete system weighs approximately 300 lbs!
    Weighing in at less than the typical electric arc spray system, your team will appreciate the flexibility and the AT-400’s ease of handling.

Plasma Control Systems