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High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) 

The High Velocity Oxygen Fuel (HVOF) process produces durable metal, carbide, and a multitude of specialty coatings. A complete line of powders is available, which are specifically engineered for application with the HVOF system. This technology can be utilized in a range of applications leveraging the ultra-dense HVOF coating properties and the resulting wear-resistance.

Following you'll find Equipment, Parts & Information for the Thermach HVOF Thermal Spray Coating System.


HVOF combustion spraying deposits coatings with higher density, lower oxide content and better bond strength than similar coatings applied with flame, wire-arc, or plasma spray processes. These characteristics make HVOF the process of choice for applying carbide coatings for: aerospace applications, rotating shafts in pumps and compressors, valves, seals, paper/pulp rollers and corrosion/wear resistance.


HVOF coatings are typically denser and adhere better than plasma sprayed coatings. Wear resistant coatings such as WC/Co typically display bond strengths exceeding 83 MPa (12,000 lb/in.2), “as sprayed” densities greater than 99% and microhardness of 1,000 to 1250 Hv300.


  • Built-in user-operated Safety Purge System (Class 1 Division 2 Type Z Purging, per NFPA 496)

  • Booth and Emergency Stop Interconnections

  • Rotameter Gas Flow Controls

  • Oxygen Gas Control

  • Hydrogen/Propylene Fuel Gas Control

  • Argon/Nitrogen Carrier Gas Control

  • Touchscreen/PLC Control of System Functions

  • Automatic Process Start and Stop

  • Alarms and Warnings with Automatic Safety Shutdown Sequences

  • Powder Feeder Control with Closed Loop RPM Control (when using 0-15 RPM AT-1200 Powder Feeders)

  • Process hour meter with settable maintenance alarm

  • 10 Ton Heat Exchanger with alarm feedback to console


HVOF Equipment