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Corrosion Protection

The corrosion of components is a pervasive problem which destroys or reduces the structural integrity of equipment and parts used in all industries and all environments. Corrosion can be as simple as steel rusting when left unprotected against the weather or as complicated as a high rate chemical attack by corrosive chemicals utilized in a process or as a by-product of processes.


Corrosion protection coatings can function by: sealing a surface from contact by corrosive chemicals, or modifying the surface with a more corrosion resistant material.


Thermal Spray Coating Achieves Corrosion Protection

Your coating operation can deliver unique corrosion protection solutions by utilizing thermal spray technologies. Thermach can provide the equipment and expertise to support your operation!


Following are the main types of corrosion protection coatings:


Barrier coatings consist of a layer of more corrosion resistant material applied to a corrosion vulnerable surface. These materials provide a barrier of corrosion protection due to their corrosion resistant properties. Low porosity levels of the coatings combined with the use of sealers add to the success of these coatings in corrosive environments.


Corrosion & Wear

In many applications, both corrosion and wear are a recurring challenge. Ceramic and metal cermet materials which are comprised of hard wear/abrasion resistant materials such as carbides combined with corrosion resistant binders, such as nickel or chrome, are one solution to this problem. Another is ceramics such as chromium oxide or alumina titania which are inherently hard and corrosion resistant.


Benefits of Corrosion Protection Coatings

Primary benefits of corrosion protection include high wear resistance, extended service lifespan, and improved protection against aggressive environments such as immersion in sea water. Corrosion is a significant issue for steel products. Thus, corrosion protection thermal spray coatings are utilized across all applications and industries.


Common Parts That Need Corrosion Protection Coatings

If you require the use of steel parts in the outdoors, applying layers of corrosion protection coatings to these parts will help to ensure a long-lasting service lifespan. For example, steel parts used in pipelines, overhead bridges, offshore platforms and ships can benefit greatly from corrosion protection coatings.


Your coating partner, not your competitor.

We provide the equipment and parts necessary for you to run a successful Corrosion Protection coating operation. Our mission is to ensure your Corrosion Protection coating process is running smoothly with Thermach equipment and parts.

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