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Powder Feeders

Thermach Powder Feeders are made to deliver accuracy and repeatability. They are highly customizable with options for high pressures, increased capacities, remote controllers, and quick-change canisters. Precision machined, digital controls, rugged construction, and an internal tamper assembly keep this system feeding consistently, with little maintenance, for many years. Thermach Powder Feeders can be designed to meet and exceed your specifications.

Following you'll find Powder Feeder Model Options and Accessories supplied and supported by your Thermach team.

Thermach Powder Feeders_AT-1200 for Ther

AT-1200 Series Rotary Powder Feeders

Thermach Powder Feeders are known for unmatched quality and dependability. Using a digital closed loop controller, Thermach Powder Feeders provide metric feed rates that are both highly accurate (± 2 grams per/min tolerance) and repeatable. Operators can easily monitor and control process parameters as wheel speed is displayed in revolutions per minute and can be controlled either locally or remotely by PLC or computer.

In operation, powder is metered to the spray process when slots in a powder wheel fill and move past an exit port. The powder then enters a gas stream which carries the material to your torch. In this feeding process, wheel speed and powder wheel configuration determine the rate of powder flow to the spray torch.


To add an additional measure of accuracy, Thermach Powder Feeders are equipped with a tamper assembly to assist difficult feed powders to fill the slots entirely. Thermach supplies a variety of powder wheels, motors, and encoders, so you're sure to meet your desired feed rates. 

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Powder Feeder Model Options


Powder Feeder Accessories

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