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Thermal Barrier Coating

The thermal barrier coating (or, TBC as it's known in the industry) is widely used in the aircraft industry in the combustion section of turbine engines of aircrafts. With greater demand for fuel-centric economy and an increase in power, the metal alloy used in modern turbine engines is decreasingly compatible with the combustion temperature.


Thermal barrier coatings for these turbine components and other components enable the metal alloys to be functional at higher temperatures. The coating reduces the temperature to which these alloys are exposed. Thermach engineers are adept in various aspects of thermal barrier coatings.


Achieve a Thermal Barrier with Thermal Barrier Coatings

Among the materials that are most commonly employed in thermal barrier coatings are yttria-stabilized zirconia and oxide ceramics. But other materials can also be utilized in thermal barrier coatings. These include alloys made from metals. Thermal management materials include YSZ, refractory metals, and stainless steel and alumina compounds. Because the need for thermal management is unique in heterogeneous sectors, we recommend consulting with Thermach engineers prior to ordering.


Benefits of Thermal Barrier Coatings

Thermal barrier coating solutions have been developed to shield metal and alloy parts from elevated temperatures. High temperatures increase fatigue in components. When the thermal barrier coating layer is applied the component itself has more strength and wear-resistivity. During extensive periods of heating, the measure of thermal oxide on the component surface grows significantly, increasing stress on the material. A thermal barrier coating creates a barrier to this stress.


Common Parts That Need Thermal Barrier Coatings

Among the most common parts coated with thermal barrier coatings are metal alloys. While metallic substrates are generally coated with thermal barrier coatings, some composites can also be coated with thermal barrier coatings. In addition to this, the overall resistance from shock in the material coated with thermal barrier is also increased along with the lifespan of the material coated with thermal barrier coating.


Your coating partner, not your competitor.

We provide the equipment and parts necessary for you to run a successful thermal barrier coating operation. Our mission is to ensure your thermal barrier coating process is running smoothly with Thermach equipment and parts.

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