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Introducing the NEW AT-400R Remote Electric Arc Spray System

AT-400R Remote Electric Arc Spray System from Thermach Thermal Spray Coating Solutions

The primary benefit of the NEW AT-400R Arc Spray System from Thermach is the ability to remotely mount the wire feeder at the point of use. Separating the controls from the wire feeder enhances flexibility and reliability in wire feeding during the spray operation.

  • The same quality and dependability of our AT-400 system, using the same parameters.

  • Ability to remote mount the feeder.

  • Easy user interface.

  • PLC based system allows for communication and integration with other components, as well as remote control capability.

  • Data acquisition readily available.

  • Remote control and hand spray capabilities.

Download the sales sheet here.

Order this product here.

Thermach continues to be on the leading edge of the thermal spray industry. We are launching next generation equipment and consumables throughout 2024.


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