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Thermach AT-1200 Powder Feeder Leak Check

Here's an instructional video on how to properly check for leaks in your AT-1200 Thermach Powder Feeder.

You will need Part No. 861000530 Pressure Test Kit to perform your leak check.

When it comes to thermal spray, there are no small gas leaks. All gas leaks are bad. Your safety and coating depend on it. To ensure that your equipment and system are leak free, Thermach offers a pressure test kit that includes everything you need to test your system.

Learn more about Thermach Powder Feeders here, or contact us with any questions about Thermach Thermal Spray Coating Systems.

Thermach Powder Feeders are made to deliver accuracy and repeatability. They are highly customizable with options for high pressures, increased capacities, remote controllers, and quick-change canisters.

Precision machined, digital controls, rugged construction, and an internal tamper assembly keep this system feeding consistently, with little maintenance, for many years.

Thermach Powder Feeders can be designed to meet and exceed your specifications.

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