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The use of high quality thermal spray coatings translates into increased fuel efficiency, reduced maintenance cost and higher speed in aircraft and rotorcraft engines, as well as other related components.


Thermach thermal spray coating systems are utilized in the aviation industry for a range of applications, including new parts, restoration, repair and maintenance solutions. These applications are highly sought after for both civilian and military applications. Thermach equipment applies metal, ceramic, cermet and composite materials.


Our solutions for the aerospace industry include:


Aircraft & Rotorcraft Gas Turbine Engine Coatings

Typical applications of thermal spray coatings include rotor-path linings, high-pressure turbine seals, compressor seals, bearings, oil seals and more.


Hot Section Component Coatings

Thermal barrier coatings enable engines to operate at higher gas temperatures whereas the components are not heated to the same level. This results in greater fuel control and extended component service lifespan.


Airframe Component Coatings

Besides being recommended for superior protection against solar energetic particles and many secondary neutrons, thermal spraying is also effective in building resistance against fretting, sliding, wear and corrosion to flap tracks, landing gear and other airframe components.


Your coating partner, not your competitor.

We provide the equipment and parts necessary for you to run a successful Aerospace & Rotorcraft coating operation. Our mission is to ensure your Aerospace & Rotorcraft coating process is running smoothly with Thermach equipment and parts.

Aerospace & Rotorcraft

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