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Plasma Spray System Power Supply

The AT-1000 Power Supply’s amperage is closed-loop by the console. Voltage at the power supply and plasma torch are both monitored by the console as well. 




  • AT-1000 Electrical: 230 / 460 / 575VAC, 3 Phase, 60Hz (50Hz Optional) 180 / 90 / 72 Amps

  • Isolation Box: Unit is powered by the AT-3000 Console

  • Optional: 100kW Power Supply; please contact us for more info

  • Overall dimensions: 23" wide x 38" deep x 30" high (58.4cm wide x 96.5cm deep x 76.2cm high)

  • Crated weight: 600 lbs. (273kg)


Part No. 861000926

POWER SUPPLY, AT-1000, DIGITAL, 50 KW, 50/60 HZ, 380/400/4


Part No. 861000927

POWER SUPPLY, AT-1000 DIGITAL, 50 KW, 60 HZ, 230/460/575VAC


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Power Supply

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