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AT-1200HP Extended Capacity Rotary Powder Feeder

Using the standard powder wheel, feed rates are typically between 1.97 cc per minute to 99.96 cc per minute. A variety of different powder wheels and motors can increase this range from 0.09 cc per minute to 267.11 cc per minute. Thermach Powder Feeders display the motor revolutions per minute, allowing for easy monitoring and control of process parameters.


Following are technical specs for the Thermach AT-1200HP Extended Capacity Rotary Powder Feeder.  To add it to your quote request select it from the drop-down product options above.


PART NO. 861000097 AT-1200HP Ext Cap 115 VAC

PART NO. 861000239 AT-1200HP Ext Cap 230 VAC

  • Designed for HVOF applications where extra powder capacity is required
  • 43 RPM std. motor
  • Closed-loop wheel speed control
  • 150 PSI max. pressure
  • 115/230VAC & 50/60Hz capable
  • 312 Cu. In. capacity (5112 ml)
  • Remote control capable
  • (+/-) 2% feed accuracy


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AT-1200HP Ext Cap

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