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AT-1242 Powder Splitter Box

The AT-1242 Y-Splitter Box is designed for processes that require powder capacities greater than that of a single powder feeder. This interface box enables users to seamlessly switch between two powder feeders without powder flow interruption; one powder feeder provides powder to the process, while the other powder feeder stands ready and waiting to be placed into service.


Before the in-use powder feeder is completely empty, the alternate powder feeder can be brought up to the required carrier gas flow and rotational speed. The resulting powder output flow is captured in a catch-can attached to an output port on the AT-1242. The catch-can allows for waste powder recovery. When the time comes for changeover, a simple toggle switch re-directs the powder output flow of the currently in-use powder feeder to its own catch-can and places the already running alternate powder feeder into production.


The empty powder feeder can then be serviced and refilled, without affecting the process in progress. The AT-1242 is also available with a remote operation interface, allowing changeover to be automated via remote PLC.


Features of the AT-1242 Powder Splitter Box follow. To add it to your quote request select it from the drop-down product options above.


Features of the AT-1242 Powder Splitter Box: 

  • Designed for Thermach Powder Feeders
  • Pneumatically controlled pinch valves
  • Control options for remote and manual operation
  • Powder exhaust connections are capable of being connected to catch cans for reuse.


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AT-1242 Powder Splitter Box

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