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AT-1245 Carrier Gas Flow Controller

The AT-1245 is a HVOF carrier gas flow control designed to interface an AT- 1200HP rotary powder feeder with the Diamond Jet® HVOF gun.


Features of the AT-1245 HVOF Carrier Gas Flow Control follow. To add it to your quote request select it from the drop-down product options above.


Features of the AT-1245 HVOF Carrier Gas Flow Control: 

  • Designed for Thermach Powder Feeders
  • 0-250 PSI using an inert gas supply only
  • Rotometer controlled 0-45 SCFH at 150 PSI gauge pressure
  • Has ignition and run settings. Ignition mode is used to pre-charge the canister so that the powder injector does not burn up at start. Run mode sets the carrier gas flow rate.


*Diamond Jet® is a registered trademark of OERLIKON METCO.


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AT-1245 Carrier Gas Flow Controller

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