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Plasma Spray System Console

The AT-3010 Plasma Control Console is a semi-automatic plasma spray process controller designed for production environments. Easy to understand touch-screen controls and large analog gauges make the AT-3010 an excellent performer in any plasma coating operation.


Using NFPA Type “Z” purging and a visual alarm, the system warns the operator in case of purging malfunction, plus it uses a NEMA 12 enclosure with separate gas and electrical compartments.


The AT-3010 automatically sequences gas and power functions to start the plasma spray gun and brings it to preset operating parameters. Flow of Primary, Secondary, and Carrier Gases are controlled through critical orifices and pressure regulators that control gas pressure upstream from the orifices. Flow rate of a given gas (Argon, Helium, or Hydrogen) can be accurately determined for a known orifice diameter and gas pressur