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AT-400 1/8" Torch

Thermach torches are designed and built to handle a wide range of jobs. From anti-skid coatings, surface build-up, or corrosion-resistant coatings, we have a torch for it. Built tough and designed to be long-lasting, our torches are also easy to maintain.


Designed to handle 1/8” and 11 gauge wire, this torch is lightweight and useful in a wide range of applications. Whether spraying by hand or mounted to a manipulator, it helps you complete the job with ease. Patented Quick Change wire guides deliver ergonomic benefits unavailable with any other system.


With a weight of 2.3 lbs (1 kg), this torch is lightweight and features no moving parts, minimizing operator fatigue and maintenance costs. 


Using our exclusive patent-pending Quick Change Wire Guides, operators can replace the consumable wire guides in less than 30 seconds using no tools. Unlike wire guides that are screwed into the torch body, our guides can be rotated 180° when they are close to being worn out, adding to the life of the tip.


Capable of spraying 11 AWG ( wire and 8 AWG (1/8”) (3.2mm) wire. 


Expect optimal airflow and atomization with a variety of air caps that are designed to produce the correct spray pattern for any job. The open arc caps produce coarser spray patterns for anti-skid applications. While installing a Fan Spray Air Cap, pinches the air stream and provides the largest pattern. 


To learn more about the Thermach Electric Arc Thermal Spray Coating System click here.


Your coating partner, not your competitor.

We provide the equipment and parts necessary for you to run a successful coating operation. Our mission is to ensure your coating process is running smoothly with Thermach equipment and parts.

AT-400 1/8” Torch Head Components

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