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Thermal Spray System Heat Exchanger

The AT-4100 family of air-cooled heat exchangers are self-contained process cooling systems to support HVOF and plasma thermal spray. The 10-ton heat exchangers can operate at a wide range of temperatures (60° to 100°F) and to-process pressures of up to 250 PSI. They utilize either distilled or deionized water in the cooling loop and feature a variable speed compressor for energy efficiency.


The units have a minimal footprint and support being placed in either an indoor or outdoor environment. The systems are easy to maintain and keep downtime to a minimum.


A touch window provides an easy operator interface for parameter adjustments and process information such as ambient temperature, return water process temperature, flow, and water pressure to the process. The units come with the standard Thermach process control interface for use with either the AT-3000 series Plasma or AT-8000 series HVOF control systems. Activation and alarms are automatically fed to and from the consoles.


Part No. 861000190



Part No. 861000583

Heat Exchanger, 11 Ton, 50hz, 415VAC, Mca: 32a, Variable Speed, AT-4100


Part No. 861000586

Heat Exchanger, 11 Ton, 50/60hz, 460/380 VAC, 3 Phase, MCA:38a, Variable Speed


Part No. 861000283

Heat Exchanger, 11 Ton, 60hz, 460VAC, 3 Phase, Mca: 38a, High Temperature Control With 7.5 HP Process Pump


Part No. 861000683

Heat Exchanger, 11 Ton, 60hz, 460VAC, Variable Speed, AT-4100


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AT-4100 Plasma Heat Exchanger

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