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Surface traction is a primary property of industrial equipment and machinery. Thermach equipment and parts can be leveraged for thermal coatings that are custom engineered to be non-slip and non-skid. These coatings impart a certain surface traction to the sprayed surface so that they have a surface that grips with visible feed applications.


To achieve the desired level of surface traction, Thermach thermal spray processes such as plasma spray and arc spray can be utilized.


Thermach Thermal Spraying Processes Achieve Surface Traction

Thermach provides several process options to achieve the desired level of surface traction in your component. Included in these processes are electric arc (also known as the wire arc process) and plasma spray. In the electric arc process, two wires create an arc which melts the wires. A jet of air is utilized to propel and accelerate the molten droplets on the surface to create the non-skid surface. 


The process is similar with plasma spray but plasma spray delivers with a broader range of spray materials. 


Benefits of Surface Traction Coatings

The benefit of surface traction coating solutions from Thermach is simple – our team can provide you with  several thermal spray coating options to create the optimal surface for your commercial, household or industrial purposes. Unlike temporary measures like paper wraps and glues, Thermach coatings are extremely durable and long lasting. 


Common Parts That Need Surface Traction Coatings

Surface traction coating solutions from Thermach are utilized for numerous applications. Common applications of these coatings include textile & fiber parts, texturing roll surfaces, freed rollers, friction discs, grip fingers, carpet rolls, traction rollers, tool surfaces, reels, winter drums and instruments. These coatings also find application in a laundry list of industrial sectors like the automotive, petrochemical and material handling industries.


Your coating partner, not your competitor.

We provide the equipment and parts necessary for you to run a successful Surface Traction coating operation. Our mission is to ensure your Surface Traction coating process is running smoothly with Thermach equipment and parts.

Surface Traction Coating

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